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More Anime USA 08 Pics Uploaded

Posted by Omega on October 20, 2008

Came back from Philladelphia’s Zenkaikon, and so 50 more pictures from Anime USA 2008 has been uploaded to the pictures page as promised. Most of the pictures from this new batch are from the masquerade, thanks to xFei.

This year’s masquerade was a mixed bag. Although my standard has been set pretty high by New York Anime Festival — for their high stakes global competition and quality skits that bordered on poetic performance artistry — I definitely enjoyed myself at AUSA08’s cosplay contest because of gems like this ensemble Tenchi Muyo performance.  The whole cast was there, they were all in character, and the super goofy song about the hinderance of love — oddly enough — fit the nature of the series.

Be sure to check out YouTube channel to see this skit.  You’ll also see my other favorite skit from the night — Harvest Moon!

I’ll be sure to get Zenkaikon pictures up within the next week, then hopefully the New York Anime Festival Pictures (stupid PhotoBucket problems).


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